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Move On or Move In?

It’s been a week since my first two shows. I’m at that post-euphoric juncture where I see how tightly I’m going to hold on - or let time slowly dissolve the experience into less accessed memory. It is a common process after a personal high. I presume it’s part and parcel of the human experience. 

Time heals wounds but it also waters down that which we want sharp recall. Memory is not my strong suit. I forget names and directions quickly. But SNM is so visceral, it feels as though it is designed to hold the attention of my subconscious fixed upon it - sleep no more, for sure. Departing the matrix on West 27th has left me to attempt to recreate it here - ergo the blog and embrace of this community. 

I sense that our brain is equipped to devalue the stuff on life’s periphery, maybe for our own sanity. It’s easier to naturally cling to that which we personally encounter every day - work, family, friends. But a great many ideas and discoveries have come from nagging ideas that weren’t let go. My guess is that’s why the hotel exists at all.

I don’t want to let go. Don’t know if I can - not while the McKittrick still bustles.



  1. franceskoncan answered: I like you. We should talk in private about this maybe?
  2. thebloodybusiness answered: Don’t stop until you stop feeling it. If you think about that place and have *that* feeling, it’s not time to stop yet. -C
  3. bloodwillhavebloodtheysay answered: Amen!
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